Friday, 31 January 2014

Single Woman

When did been single become a crime? Someone please help me answer this very simple question. Am sure all those single ladies out there who are single, are not single because they want to be. My guess is like me they just haven't found the bone of their bone. I believe marriage is  not a thing to be joked with. Certain people believe that they should get married because everyone is doing it. Like all of a sudden marriage has become some kind of fashion trend. When I asked a friend why he was getting married to his would-be wife (seeing that he was always complaining about her) his answer was: and I quote 'because we have dated for too long and our families now know each other'….i was like oh okay. What was I expecting his answer to my question to be? 'because I love her and won't want to be with anyone else but her'.. Sounds like a better answer than the one he gave. but hey I guess am still living in fairytale land or am just simply old fashioned.

 Why am I ranting exactly you might ask well..cause I met someone recently and he asked me why I was still single at my age? I found that a bit offensive but I consiled my anger and answered him with 'I have not found the one' hoping that would shut him up. But of cos not I guess it only fuelled his hunger for more gist as to why I was not married 'at my age' according to him. He went on talking about how he thinks maybe am just picky and keep pushing men away and what not. So I had to ask him if he was married and the olodo told me his not….so I asked how old he was and omo boi is even many hundred years older than me oh…#sigh# look at pot calling kettle black. So I asked him why he was still single and he said and I quote 'because girls want me for my money' and I started laughing..not because I felt he was lying or anything. I really couldn’t be bothered about how much he earned really, considering the fact that I found him to have a very irritating attitude. He asked me why I was laffing and I told him that I wasn’t trying to be rude oh but I think his the one who has the problem and not the women. #my opinion and am sticking to it# so anyway he goes on to start advising me on how I should get a man and settle down and how age is no longer on  my side and bla bla bla I sensed a little bit of regret in his voice if you ask me. Maybe love lost or something can't say but however, after a few mins of thinking about what he said although some of his words were pretttyyyy annoying though I simply just told him that marriage for me is not a joke and I don't want to marry a man and then get divorced tomorrow. I mean with the way people rush in and out of married you would expect them to advice you to take your time and not tell you to hurry and marry cos 'age is not on ur side'. I want to marry a man that even when we are old and grey and I wake up beside him I would look at him and still thank God for giving me such an amazing person. I told him if there was a husband market I would simply walk in and buy one. It gets pretty annoying when people banter me on why am not married really,especially the single ones.

 Nonsense abeg they should leave own would come. Being single can be fun sometimes cos you don't get any kind of drama from any man and ur not giving anyone drama. It makes you reflect on who you are and what you want from your life and the opposite sex. friends tell me they pray for  me to get a husband and i tell them thank you for the prayers I appreciate it..but while your on your knees or however you do your prayers, can you also pray for me to have a bigger bank account please. Enuf said. Stay beautiful and drop your comments. Thanks. xoxo

Sunday, 5 January 2014

New Year, New Resolutions..Really?

It's a new year and it's time for all that new year new resolutions bullshit.. Why do I call it 'bullshit' you ask..well because it really is. I mean go back to the  'in this new year, I will..' list and check if you changed all the things you promised yourself you would. Half of the time, people write a list that they end up doing absolutely nothing about. I mean come on let's all BE HONEST here okay..

Earlier this week, the whole world (well those who made it) said goodbye to 2013 and hello to 2014. So only just a few days into the new year, I (much like everyone else) have been poked with the same question

'what's your new year's resolution?'

The must common motto for this time of the year is 'new year, new beginnings'. Everybody wants every new year to be the year they cub bad habits, make better choices, eat healthy, exercise more, love more, or just do something different and better. As I listen to people around me counting off the things they want to change about themselves, it just makes me wonder:

'why don't we ever think about helping others in the new year?'

Don’t get me wrong really..I would be one of the first people to admit that I'm also guilty of the same charge. I noticed that the beginning of the year is usually a very selfish time for most people. It's all about me, me, me, me..what I can do to be a better me this year.

I have abandoned the notion of a new year's resolution a long time ago when I realised I didn't have the will power (or cared enough) to carry must of it out. I have notoriously failed at my resolutions and let's be frank so have don't even go denying it.

Why? Because you are not accountable to anyone but yourself. No one is going to question why you haven't changed the things you promised yourself you would change at the beginning of the year. 

To be honest really…I would probably never stop buying shoes, or eating cucumber and yoghurt (yes I find it to be really delicious) and definitely not stop been ME. (abit selfish I know..*covering my face*).

Why? Because my previous new year's resolutions never stood a chance..that's probably because I didn't care too much to see them through. I don’t even remember having a new year's resolution last year..ermmm maybe that's because I never wrote one..lool. 

Really, I think if you want to change something about yourself, JUST DO IT don't wait for a new year to change you. So enough with all the resolutions list and just change if you want to. I don't have a list either this year but I know am going to do something different and better *wink wink*